Skinny Blonde Beer?

It’s a hot summer’s day and you’re cracking open your second beer. Life is good. But there’s something missing, right? Not anymore. Each bottle of the new Australian-brewed low carb beer, Skinny Blonde, features the soon to be iconic Daisy Blonde on the label, who — in a clever twist — reveals more and more of herself as the beer gets drunk. Or the drinker does. Whichever comes first. This cool initiative is the result of innovative heat sensitive ink technology which sees Daisy’s Bikini top on the beer bottle label disappear with each sip until she reveals all. Seriously! Now, boys. Slow down. Drink responsibly. The beer is brewed by the Sydney-based Brothers Ink, comprised of three friends, including Hamish from Aussie rockers, The Vines.

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DIY iPhone Dock….

some people just have too much time on their hands. lucky for us, the folks over at Dessinemoiunobjet (10 bucks if you say that right) shared with us some cool crafts they created during this time. this very cool DIY project shows you how to create your very own iPhone dock from ….drum roll please…. PAPER!!! paper? thats right, paper! you have to see it to believe it. ENJOY!!!

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OLVIDAR!!! our 48 hour film project…

the blondes had a successful screening of “olvidar” last night at the San Antonio 48 Hour Film Project. what a turnout!!! it was great to see all the support for everyone involved in this project. it’s an achievement all in its own to actually complete the 48 hr project, but to be able to share the film with hundreds is absolutely awesome. there were plenty of great films, but the blondes are hoping to get a shot at the Best of Show screening next week. but for now, sit back and enjoy 1st ever film project by the blondes (and probably the 1st ever film shot entirely on the iPhone 3GS), “Olvidar”.

SPECIAL THANKS to Michael Druck and the 48 Hour Film Project, Drew Mayer-Oakes and the San Antonio Film Commission, Pam Cardenas (for the craft services)and Missy French (for putting up with us). Also to the rest of the B-Boys: Robert French, Elmo Ramos and Michael Wederstrandt (for all of their hard work, for hanging in there during the wee hours of the night and staying committed to the project!)

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48 Hours of blonde…

The boys from blonde are up to it again. Somehow we made it in to the The San Antonio 48 Hour Film Project. Filmmakers from all over the San Antonio area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world.

If you know the blonde boys, then you know that what ever we do will be unexpected. Additionaly a bikini contest will be held at an undisclosed location (rik’s house) to determine the leading lady.

The screenings will be held at Alamo Draft House on Wednesday, August 19th. Everyone that supports the b-boys gets a big hug from louis. Here is a link to the projects website. Go there and get some info and tell everyone the blondes sent you.

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mmmm…. donuts!!!

the blondes have found their long lost soul-mates and vow to always stay by its side. that soul mate is none other than the SMORES DONUT from PSYCO DONUTS! if you didn’t know by know, donuts are one of the blondes greatest weaknesses. the blondes, along with cops & homer j. simpson, cannot resist the great taste and sleepy comfort these rings of deliciousness offer. check out psyco donuts to see how their vision has taken donuts to the next level.

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