Kill the Millennial—The Term, That Is

Despite the many “think-pieces” you may have read that suppose as much, millennials are not homogenous. We don’t obsess en masse over houseplants & nostalgia (though I think it’s safe to assume that we all hate student loan debt). In fact, we’re actually rather diverse, each one of us with our own beliefs, demands, & tastes that only sometimes overlap, which, yes, is the case for, like, everyone.


But I belabor the obvious because many in my profession still don’t get it . From what I’ve seen, a lot of marketers continue to treat millennials as if we’re a monolith. They pander to our assumed interest in memes, social justice advocacy, the 90s, & …”chillin,” I guess, hoping that with the right emoji, we’ll flock to their brand.


The reality is: many millennials are too smart to fall for such ploys. A lot care less about your brand per se & more about its design, for instance, or its story; really, they care about your brand’s personality. And some personalities aren’t for everyone.


If marketers want to reach millennials, they should drop the term “millennial” altogether. (If we’re being consistent, the same goes for “Baby Boomers” & “Gen Xers.”) Its meaning is vague, its scope – too inclusive. It’s an unacceptable answer to the question of who your target audience is—that is, the people who, when they come across your brand, might “like” its personality.


Recent college graduates probably don’t care about the same things as 30-something parents do, yet members of both groups are technically “millennials”; avid Game of Thrones fans aren’t necessarily going to get along with enthusiastic gym goers even if 1) they all happened to be “millennials” & 2) they all agreed that Tyrion is hands down the best character.


To summarize: Not all millennials are the same. Repeat that to yourself. Make it your mantra. Write it down & put it somewhere prominent. Tattoo it on your forehead. Spray paint it on your garage. Name your dog after it. I don’t care how you need to go about committing it to memory. Just don’t forget to remember it. (#notallmillennials)


So, the next time you feel like generalizing about 75 million people, stop yourself & instead, try to get more specific with whom you want to target. Are they career-oriented women in their early 30s who don’t know how to cook? Or are they amateaur yogis & earnest environmentalists who frequent Whole Foods? You need to be explicit if you want to craft a creative campaign that appeals to whom you want it to. If you try catering to everyone, you’ll end up interesting no one. But if you put in the work to tailor your messaging, then you may very well reach your next customer, millennial or not.

Thanks So Much,
Krissi Madison | Director of Likes

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Sweeten Up Your Life!

Being on social media constantly allows me to stumble upon the coolest and weirdest gadgets. Honestly, sometimes it’s very 0-100.


I happened to come across this sweet (pun intended) product by Xochico and I regret nothing!

Sweeten up your life a little… or at least your car game and check out these deliciously awesome Pan Dulce fuzzy mirror hangers!!

CH-VA_1024x1024 Pig_Concha_V_1024x1024

Xochico is a small, growing business located in California and they take pride in creating products that reflect the Hispanic culture. Here at Blonde we’re trying to figure out ways to maintain (or start) our diet, and since real Pan Dulce isn’t quite listed on the “Healthy List” then we can settle for these mirror hangers to at least admire on a daily basis.


So do yourself a favor, sweeten up your car and buy yourself some Concha mirror hangers then immediately head down to the Panaderia to get you some real ones! YOU. ARE. WELCOME.

Time to get back to work!

Krissi Madison | Director of Likes

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“Are You Still Watching?” is a Challenge From Netlix That You Should Accept

If you’re anything like me, you like to wind down on the weekend with some wine & Netflix after a long week of [hash]tagging, liking, commenting, posting, stalking, and so on (or: after whatever it is you do for a living).

But even social media mavens like me need to take some time off from constant app-switching, though we rarely (if ever) unplug; hence, House of Cards and, of course, mama’s Chablis.

Yet your preferred streaming service’s content offerings can be more than just a means to escape the sometimes cruel realities of life (like the fact that organic Facebook reach will eventually reach zero); they can be a source of creative inspiration. The very best of film & TV can be compelling for a variety of reasons. They can feature complex characters, for example, or employ beautiful cinematography.

Whatever the reason, one could argue that what great shows & films all share is damn good storytelling. (That’s also what the very best of advertising does: tell a good story.) Below are a few good stories to watch when you’ve given up on learning how to play the guitar in your spare time but when you’re still in the mood to be creatively stimulated.

Twin Peaks — Seasons 1-2 & The Return (Available on Netflix, Hulu, & Showtime)

Weird doesn’t even begin to adequately describe this cult classic about one FBI agent’s quest to solve the murder of Laura Palmer. You’ll eventually find out the answer (to the chagrin of creators David Lynch & Mark Frost whose hands were forced by network executives to reveal the killer) but so many more mysteries abound in the seeming idyll that is Twin Peaks. It’s not a stretch to say that modern “prestige” TV—from The Sopranos to Lost to True Detective—owes a rather large debt of gratitude to this cryptic whodunit for being the first to make TV a little darker and thus, a little more entertaining.

Abstract: The Art of Design (Available on Netflix)

From architecture to stage production to sneaker design, this 6-part mini-series profiles individual artists who have and continue to extend the boundaries of possibility within their respective fields. Once you’re done watching this, you won’t be able to help but ask, “What am I doing with my life?” It’s a question we should all ask ourselves every now and again.

Sunset Boulevard (Available on Netflix)

Considered one of the greatest films of all time, director Billy Wilder’s “masterpiece” has collected no dust (unlike its main character) since its 1950 debut; this critique of Hollywood is still as gripping and relevant as ever even though the industry has changed quite a bit since (cf. the YouTube star phenomenon). But don’t take my words for it. Watch it (and my other recommendations) if you care to. Just maybe you’ll start thinking a little differently the next time you face one of life’s many creative challenges.

Happy Binging!
Krissi Madison | Director of Likes

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Office Space for Houston Creatives

To the great people of Houston:

First, let me say that you are all in the thoughts of everyone here. We love Houston, and believe that y’all will get through these tough times.


That said, we would like to do a little more than just hope for the best; we want to help. That’s why we’re opening up our space to whatever creative advertising or marketing firm that needs some temporary office space. Really, we want to welcome you to your neighbors in San Antonio!

Our office is located just a few minutes north of downtown on the edge of a beautiful historic neighborhood. We have a few desks, a conference table, a kitchen (with coffee and beer for when you get “stuck” ), and more space and outlets than you’ll find at a coffee shop. (It’s cheaper too, and the people here are much more interesting.) And:

Interested? Then contact owner and Creative Director louis at 210-527-1234 or At the very least, we hope you stay safe, strong, and awesome, Houston.

Krissi Madison | Director of Likes

P.S. Please see below for photos of office. We’re not like a regular office, we’re a cool office

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How Soft Are Intern Soft Hands’ Hands?

This summer, our graphic design intern Daniel Pierda (a.k.a. “Soft Hands”) got to see what it’s like to be part of the crazy Blonde Creative team. It’s impressive that he put up with us for so long, TBH.

Why do we call him Soft Hands? Because when he first started his internship, Daniel was extremely quiet. When he did speak, it was always in that calm kind of tone that makes you reevaluate just how “inside” your “inside voice” really is. Regardless, he always worked hard on his projects, and we can appreciate that even if he rarely spoke.

But who is Soft Hands? Well, he’s 26 years old, and currently a junior at Texas State University (Go Bobcats!) where he majors in graphic design and advertising. He has worked on a variety of projects this summer, and we are excited to see him grow and succeed in his career as a graphic designer! But okay, enough of the sappy stuff.

I know what you’re thinking. How “soft” are Soft Hands’ hands? Honestly, we had no idea until I decided to have everyone in the office rate his hands’ softness on a scale of “I’d Hold Hands with Him” to “He Definitely Moisturizes Multiple Times a Day.” So, after some gentle hand caressing and awkwardness, here’s what the Blonde team had to say about how soft Soft Hands’ hands—sidebar: take a shot every time you read “soft” or “hand” throughout this post—actually are:

Louis: “They’re like a rose pedal that has been massaged with coconut oil.”

Rik: “They’re pretty soft. I would say that they’re softer than alizé with a chaser.”

Jacob: “They’re softer than Lebron without AC.”

Ally: “I mean I’m not NOT saying that his hands might be softer than mine. He’s definitely not a stranger to some Bath and Body Work’s Cucumber Melon lotion.”

Daniel (not “Soft Hands” but not “Rough Hands” either): “Imagine Drake wearing chinchilla. You’re welcome for the thought.”

There you have it! Now we send Soft Hands back into the world of education where he will no longer be harassed for the softness of his hands (unless, you know, he’s into that kind of thing).

Also, if you would like to reach out to him and touch his hands for yourself, follow him on Facebook or Instagram!

Thanks for working hard this summer, Daniel! We all wish you the best of luck with the rest of your school and career!

No fake love,
Krissi Madison | Director of Likes

P.S. Thanks for the rad card (see below) and bottle of scotch. You know us too well! But actually, it’s kind of creepy. Don’t make us start calling you “Stalker Eyes.”

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